Thursday, January 12, 2012

Week 1 Reflections

To begin with, I sould say that this is my first experience in blogging. I've heard a lot about blogs famous people, teachers and other people have, but I never felt the need to blog as a teacher or as my personal self.
I have to admit this task is a kind of a challenge for me, although I can use a computer and different Internet features quite well. But a challenge is good, since it provokes development and you become experienced in the field. In fact, it is always so exciting to learn something new and useful.
So I'm really glad that now I NEED to do it for the course. And I am sure the experience will be of great use for me in future, when we have a computer in each classroom. Anyway, I can use it with students who have Internet access at home. And what's more inspirational is that from now on I will be able to share my thoughts with colleagues from all over the world, discuss different topics with them and get their professional opinion. I believe, it is very important to stay fresh and current on the methods of teaching.
To conclude, I'd like to say that to keep up with all the innovations is particularly relevant for a teacher. I am sure that any teacher should build his curriculum in accord with the technologies, because IT have become an applied science in nearly all the fields of human performance and we can't avoid using them.


  1. Hi Anna
    Great don an welcome to blogging word :)

    i have read your first post and i am glad to be one of your colleagues in this course where we can exchange knowledge and information related to teaching with interactive web tools.

    Best regards
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  2. Hello Anna,
    I am very glad to be sharing and learning with you. I agree that we need to keep up with technology since we are living in cyber-age.
    Looking forward to sharing with you

  3. Hi Anna, well, like you, I have never felt the need to have my own personal blog. I guess I'm just not the blogging type in my personal life! However, as a teacher, I love all the pedagogical applications, and I agree that we have to keep up with the tech to keep up with our students!

  4. Hello, my dear colleagues! Thank you for your comments and welcome! I look forward to working with you. I think it'll be a great experience!

  5. Hi Anna, I agree with your thought of staying fresh on the teaching methods. As teachers, we should also need to know the most effective strategies based on our students' needs. I'm sure, I will learn fantastic teaching methods in this course by learning and sharing with you.